Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Room 5 plays the War Game

As an introduction to our new Inquiry topic into War, we played a game created for the class to learn all about World War 2. The learning objectives of the War Game were:

  • Understand the Allied and Axis powers during WW2
  • Understand what military was made up of
  • Understand and use resources during the war
  • Understand how machinery was produced during the war
  • Understand the strategy of battle and allying together
Students had an awesome time playing the game, working together and trying to achieve their objectives. During their turn, countries had to do different actions according to what they rolled on the dice.  They either collected resources or military cards (soldiers, tanks, warplanes, navy warships) or battled an enemy. Room 5 students really enjoyed going to battle with an enemy at the battle table.

In the end, the Axis powers of Germany and Japan completed their objectives first and won the war.

Below you can find the overview of the game and photos of students playing.

Would you be interested in playing this game too?