Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Steel Drum Band

Talofa lava bloggers,

Our class had the exciting opportunity of opening our Whanau Hui last Wednesday night as Wesley Intermediate's very own Steel Drum Band. Room 5 students only had a few weeks of practice to learn this song during their sessions every Wednesday afternoon. They did an amazing job despite being very nervous and excited.

A massive thank you to Leticia Viljoen for teaching our students how to play the steel pan drums and to Mr Sa, our deputy principal, for organising this amazing opportunity for Room 5.

Can you make out what song they were playing? Comment down below.


  1. Hi Room 5,

    My name is Aye from Room 4 at Pt England School. This was really cool. You guys all supported each other with the different instruments.

    - Aye :)

  2. Hi room 5 I'm Taj from Ahipara school your music was stunning keep it up.

  3. Hi room 5 It's cool that you guys are trying to learn songs and stuff. Good job.

  4. Hi Room 5,
    Good job for learning that in a few weeks, that would be hard.
    Iḿ not sure what song you were playing though!
    Skye from Ahipara School.

  5. Hi Room 5,

    My name is Dayton from Room 4 at Ahipara school. This was really cool. You guys all supported each other with the different instruments.


  6. Hi room 5!

    It's Xavier from Ahipara school, I love your playing skill's I would like to play instruments too. keep up the good work.

    sincerely Xavier

  7. Kia ora room 5 I thought this post was really cool I wish my school did this. Anyways KA PAI!

  8. Hi room 4,
    I think your music was great! What is a steel pan preformance?
    from Teal

    1. Hi Teal, My name is Sina and I'm a Student in Room 5 from Wesley Intermediate School. A Steel-pan is a Instrument made out of Oil drums, Pounded into a bowl then it's been tuned to make the sound of a Cello, Bass, Vocals and many more.

      - Sina :) Blog you later!

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  10. Hi I my name is Miki Iḿ from Ahipara School.The beat was really good, I like to play instrument too.bye from Miki:l

  11. Hi room 5 my name is Lacey from Ahipara school. The beat was really really good. Keep up the good work.

  12. Kia ora Room 5. This sounded awesome! I recognise the song but can't think of what it's called. Can you tell us yet?