Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Steel Drum Band

Talofa lava bloggers,

Our class had the exciting opportunity of opening our Whanau Hui last Wednesday night as Wesley Intermediate's very own Steel Drum Band. Room 5 students only had a few weeks of practice to learn this song during their sessions every Wednesday afternoon. They did an amazing job despite being very nervous and excited.

A massive thank you to Leticia Viljoen for teaching our students how to play the steel pan drums and to Mr Sa, our deputy principal, for organising this amazing opportunity for Room 5.

Can you make out what song they were playing? Comment down below.

Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Room 5 plays the War Game

As an introduction to our new Inquiry topic into War, we played a game created for the class to learn all about World War 2. The learning objectives of the War Game were:

  • Understand the Allied and Axis powers during WW2
  • Understand what military was made up of
  • Understand and use resources during the war
  • Understand how machinery was produced during the war
  • Understand the strategy of battle and allying together
Students had an awesome time playing the game, working together and trying to achieve their objectives. During their turn, countries had to do different actions according to what they rolled on the dice.  They either collected resources or military cards (soldiers, tanks, warplanes, navy warships) or battled an enemy. Room 5 students really enjoyed going to battle with an enemy at the battle table.

In the end, the Axis powers of Germany and Japan completed their objectives first and won the war.

Below you can find the overview of the game and photos of students playing.

Would you be interested in playing this game too?

Friday, 26 March 2021

Congratulations Certificate Winners and Student of the Week!

Congratulations to our certificate winners for Week 8! Sina, Chance and Harlem received the classroom certificates.

Harlem received his award for sharing awesome ideas during our work on Explanation texts.

Chance received his award for his very cool explanation writing about how to do a kickflip on a skateboard. 

Sina received her award for always showing the school values of respecting herself, others and the environment.

A massive congratulations to Brylee who was awarded as the Student of the Week for the whole school. Well done Brylee, keep up your awesome start to the year!!!

Friday, 19 March 2021

Inquiry - The Wesley Rebuild

For Inquiry this term, students in Room 5 have been learning all about the rebuild that will happen for Wesley Intermediate in the next couple of years. Students have been learning the process involved in the rebuilding of the school and are now involved in this process. Students have selected an area of the school that will be rebuilt such as the playground or the robotics room. Students are in the process of planning their area - what other schools have, what equipment they want, where to get it from, how much it will cost.

Here is some awesome work so far from Payton, Katana, Sina, and Sydney. They have chosen to rebuild the Playground and Tennis Court.

More to come so keep posted...

Monday, 15 March 2021

Careers Tech has started!

Since returning from another lockdown in Week 5, students have Wesley have begun their Careers Tech rotations. The Careers that students will experience throughout the year at Wesley include Cooking, Art, Robotics, Science and Workshop. 

As the workshop teacher, it has been great seeing the students learning the skills and techniques needed to measure, cut, join, and finish wood. Students will begin their projects this week where they will be making a tool caddy. Here are a few photos of students from Room 5 applying the skills they have learnt in the Workshop.

What Career rotation would you want to be in? (Cooking, Art, Robotics, Science and Workshop) Leave a comment below.

Thursday, 4 March 2021

Google Meeting - Thursday 4th March

Kia ora guys,

Today we had a really cool Google Meet session with Room 5 students. Thanks to all of those students who joined in and stayed around afterwards to play a few rounds of Among Us. It is great to see so many of you online and that you are doing well during lockdown. 

During our call today we had a look at Mark's awesome blog posts, Sina's PB4L poster and then how to create a quality blog post. Hopefully this has given you some ideas for creating your own blog posts. We also had a Kahoot about current events happening in NZ and had a fun Te Reo quiz about greetings and feelings. Lastly, we finished off with a game of Among Us. It was really cool to see you guys having fun together.

All in all, there were heaps of house points were given out! Thanks to all the staff who joined us as well.

Stay safe!

Mr Edwards. 

Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Congratulations Sina and Katana - Deputy House Captains

A massive congratulations goes out to Sina Fepuleai and Katana Matamu on being selected as deputy house captains for their respective houses. The girls were selected amongst other students in their houses through a voting process where their peers had to vote for who they think would lead them best. Sina was selected as deputy captain of the wonderful Windsor house while Katana was selected as deputy captain of the super Sandringham house. 

Good luck for the year girls and make sure you lead your houses well.

Monday, 22 February 2021

Free Lunches in School

Today we had our first free lunch provided for every student at Wesley Intermediate. This is provided by the new initiative from the government and we are lucky to receive these. The students in Room 5 enjoyed eating their lunch while we watched a story being read to us called "The Garbage Barge" which taught the students to be careful about how much garbage they are creating. Lucky the plates we are eating from are compostable. What an awesome start to free lunches in classrooms!

Fun and Games in Room 5

As part of getting to know each other and breaking down barriers, we have been playing a few games and taking part in fun minute challenges. It has been great to see the students enjoying themselves while representing their houses. 


Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Certificate Winners Week 2 - Term 1

 Congratulations to our certificate winners from Week 2, Term 1.

Sydney Makakea, Uhi Malakai, Mark Vunipola and Mozart Havili.

Welcome to Room 5 2021

Kia ora, malo e lelei, talofa lava, fakalofa lahi atu and welcome to Room 5,

We have an exciting year ahead of us and it is awesome that you are in my class. 

This is our class blog where there will be posts throughout the year of all things that are happening in our amazing class. These might be certificate winners, awards at assembly, pictures from different activities/trips, lessons, amazing work by students and many more things worth sharing.

Happy blogging. Enjoy.

Mr Edwards