Monday, 22 February 2021

Free Lunches in School

Today we had our first free lunch provided for every student at Wesley Intermediate. This is provided by the new initiative from the government and we are lucky to receive these. The students in Room 5 enjoyed eating their lunch while we watched a story being read to us called "The Garbage Barge" which taught the students to be careful about how much garbage they are creating. Lucky the plates we are eating from are compostable. What an awesome start to free lunches in classrooms!


  1. Hi, my name is kahurangi and i am from room 4 at Pt Egnland School. YOur lunches look yum, i wish i had your lunches. The lunhces we have been getting don't look as nice as yours, but were still greatfull for it. Hopefully youi guys enjoy your lunches. Have a good day.

  2. Hi room 5,

    I'm a student from Pt england school and I see here that you guys have free lunches just like my school. I hope your enjoying the free lunches.

  3. Hi room 5 I am from pt england school and I hope you are hacing a good free lunch and enjoying it too.

  4. ki ora room 5,

    my name is cherish i go to pt england school i am a year 7 in room 4 i hope that you gys loved your lunches today have a great day and stay safe.

  5. Hi Room 5,

    I'm Aye, a Year 7 from Pt England School. I hope you guys are liking the new lunches, it definitely helped families! What's been your favourite lunch so far?

    Aye :)

  6. kia ora room 5, my name is chaun i like your free lunches they look very nice and healthy :) and enjoy your own free lunches

  7. Hi room 5

    My name is Lincoln i go to Pt England school and I'm a year 7 in room 4 those must be nice i hope you guys like them.

  8. Hi room 5!

    My name is Finau and I am a year 7 student from room 4. I's great to see you guys are enjoying the free lunches. We are enjoying our free lunches too! Well done room 5!

    From Finau:)

  9. Hello class 5!

    Its seems that you guys are enjoying your lunches! We also got the same free lunches as you guys! What is the best thing you've had so far? I'm sure that the government is very happy. Keep up the great work!

    Truthfully, Rae Jae

  10. Hi Room 5,

    It's great seeing you enjoy your lunches! I enjoy them too. On a scale of 1 to 10 how much do you like most of the lunches?
    Keep up the good work Room 5!

    - Nadia :)

  11. hi room. Im Lucian from pt England School and i want to know what you think of the lunchs

  12. Hi Room 5 the food looks really nice and next term we are also getting free lunches so it would be great to hear what you have enjoyed. Is it nutritious?
    from Quinn at Ahipara school

  13. Hi Room 5,

    Its Xavier from Ahipara school,

    That is so cool how you guys are getting free food, next term we will be the same. Hope it's yum.

  14. Hi room 5 I really like how you did a blog post about free lunch and I hop I can enjoy my free lunch next term. From Lacey at Ahipara school.

  15. Hi room 5,
    That looks really yum! Whats the garbarge barge about? Next year we are also getting free lunches.
    from Teal at Ahipara school.