Friday, 19 March 2021

Inquiry - The Wesley Rebuild

For Inquiry this term, students in Room 5 have been learning all about the rebuild that will happen for Wesley Intermediate in the next couple of years. Students have been learning the process involved in the rebuilding of the school and are now involved in this process. Students have selected an area of the school that will be rebuilt such as the playground or the robotics room. Students are in the process of planning their area - what other schools have, what equipment they want, where to get it from, how much it will cost.

Here is some awesome work so far from Payton, Katana, Sina, and Sydney. They have chosen to rebuild the Playground and Tennis Court.

More to come so keep posted...


  1. Hey Mr Edwards, what a cool inquiry topic you and Room 5 are doing. I really like the presentation this group have put together and their ideas on what they would like to see are amazing (my favourite the pool shelter). Keep up the awesome mahi!

    1. Thanks Mrs Haioti! This group is working really hard and I can't wait to see what their design will look like in the end. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Hi there Tane MacDonald here, I like to say that that rebuild design is pretty good I feel sad that your playground has rail slides I don´t like those ones I hope you get those stuff-by Tane MacDonald